*rises from the dead*
time to bring this instance up to date *cranks fingers*

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Testing out the relay feature, looks good 👍

The fun part of writing code in VBA is to think about how to handle something that you could handle in a modern environment while MS Access keeps crashing

So okay, bottom navigations are something I need time to get used to them, but why would you remove tab navigation by swipe.
Why does this feel like a step back

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Hello, Fediverse!

asexual.space is an instance aimed to be a safe space for asexual people. Anyone on the spectrum is welcome; don't forget to check the rules before joining.

I'm generally surprised that everything but chat and login works, considering that Twitch is working on a new API it would mean that I have to updated a lot of behind the scenes stuff too, so maybe it's a good time for a rewrite

Watching speedruns is fun, it reminds me of the ambitions I had making an Android app to combine custom emotes that I'm used on Desktop Twitch and speedrunning leaderboards and marathon schedules in one handy package

Somebody save me from MS Access and the VBA Editor

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I am pretty sure the #fediverse is actually just a testing ground for new TLDs

I wanted to install a Linux distro on my new laptop for some time now, but I got alarmingly used to Windows again which in turn makes me want to finally go for it

Just got another reminder on bird site that one of my Android apps doesn't work correctly

Wondering if I should setup my Android development environment again

Just thought about getting back into other modes than just Salmon Run in Splatoon 2, it's been months since I played ranked or even Turf War casually

self care, social networks 

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Not looking for a few hours on here and my timeline is flooded by meta
Oh well :blobcat:

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I'm sorry for the longish downtime, VPS issues and life happend.

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